Topographical plan

It is a plan which reflects such a number of objects that gives impression of particular area, and serves as a basis for development of various project. The main task of a topography is to specify position of various objects and properties both on horizontal coordinate system (width and length) and on attitudes above sea-level.

Executive measurement

This is a plan, which reflects topographic information, acquired during executive measurements of a building or an engineering communication. An executive measurement is topographic information concerning a building or an engineering communication, which acquired during process of its building.

Engineering geodesy

This is direction of geodesy science, which is used for engineering research works, while performing land surface and form measurements for examination of road lines prior to construction works; it is used in general construction, for reconstruction and maintenance works, etc.

Other services

Point setting.
Benchmark installation.
Marking of construction axles.
Current situation measuring.
Preparation of executive documentation and raw data with site measurements.
Quarry volume calculation.

We perform other works upon customer’s request.

About us

Ainis Tutins 04/06/1985
Manager of SIA „AT SURVEY” since 2011.
Work experience in surveying 2006.
A Certificate for land surveying works was obtained in 2012.
Further training and professional development courses have been attended.
Nine years long experience in engineering surveying work for road construction.


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